wallowa women's trip 2008

"Exploring the Wilderness, Exploring Ourselves "

Labor Day Weekend 2008

Upcoming... October, 2008: Reading of our work at Bookpeople in downtown Moscow. Check back for dates and times.

The Hike

On August 28, 2008, ten women began an amazing journey into the Eagle Cap Wilderness of the Wallowa Mountains. For four days we would hike together, freeze together, eat, sleep and be amazed together. Most of all, we would write and share that writing with each other. This trek through the wilderness unlocked stories from deep within each one of us and as we shared them, we knew ourselves and each other better.

Starting Friday morning, we hiked up the Two Pan trail for five miles, crossing the West Fork of the Lostine River and climbing 1,200 feet in elevation to camp in a glacial valley halfway to our destination. We sat around the campfire sharing stories and laughter and slept in the company of the silent mountains.

The next day we hiked the remaining four uphill miles to gaze down upon Swamp Lake, tucked in its remote valley. Hiking around the rim of the cirque at 8,600 feet we felt the elevation and the thin air but we still felt euphoric for having summited. After a lunch on top of the world, we descended the switchbacks and camped next to Swamp Lake, enjoying the time by playing in the water.

That night a cold front took up by surprise, dropping the temperature into the 20’s and giving us freezing rain and ice on our tents. Glad to get moving, we hiked out again to our glacial valley, the same place we had camped the second night. We built a roaring fire and prepared for more bad weather.

Ellen cooked a superb supper and we held our usual night-time fire circle, reading our work and chatting. The weather held off until nightfall when it began to snow! What a way to celebrate Labor Day!

As soon as the sun was well up the next morning the snow melted off, giving us lovely sunny weather for our hike out. We finally gathered at the trailhead to say our goodbyes and drive back out the miles of gravel washboards back to civilization. In town we gave in to our craving for “real” food and stopped at a Mexican place.

We had four and a half days of fantastic hiking, a great group of women, and stories as beautiful as the landscape around us. None of will forget this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Customer advocacy.

Four methods of post-harvest processing possess proven able to destroying the bacteria without harming the texture or taste of the oysters. But fearing the increased loss of jobs in the continuing state, Florida Senator Expenses Nelson and Representative Allen Boyd don’t desire the Food and Medication Administration to implement this life-saving measure and have instead proposed legislation putting the capability of a tiny sector prior to the lives and health of these who enjoy eating oysters. The Gulf Oyster Security Action by Rep. Boyd and a similar expenses by Senator Nelson are in response to FDA’s announcement last month that it will no longer tolerate the interstate sale of Gulf Coast oysters infected with the bacterias Vibrio vulnificus. Continue reading

A collaborative work with lead author Liana Fraenkel.

The individual panel concluded that the increased potential for significant improvements associated with triple therapy and having less significant added toxicity within studies justified the use of three medications. Even though the sufferers differed from physicians within their recommendation, they labeled their suggestion just as conditional to reflect that some individuals would differ when weighing the useful and mental burdens of acquiring three medications. Continue reading

Economic Commission for Africas Sub-Regional Workplace.

Com reviews. The U.N orlistatindia.com/xenical-generic-vs-brand.htm . Economic Commission for Africa’s Sub-Regional Workplace, East Africa will host the conference. East Africa is the sub-region most suffering from food insecurity, regarding to an SRO-EA report, New Moments/allAfrica.com writes . TIME Examines Problems With Humanitarian Aid TIME examines some of the issues that can arise with humanitarian aid distributed during a conflict. The article looks at recent reports about help that aimed to combat the famine in Ethiopia during the 1980s. The real story behind Ethiopia’s famine exemplifies many of the problems with help. In the West, the famine of the 1980s was seen as a great organic disaster. However the reality was far more complex. Continue reading

Researchers at the University of California.

3 issue of Cell Reports, demonstrate that regulation of chromatin – the mix of DNA and proteins that comprise a cell's nucleus – is not governed by a uniform ‘histone code’ but by specific interactions between chromatin and genetic elements. Related StoriesNew study examines previously unknown magic formula to DNA repairCancer DNA in individual's bloodstream could help deliver personalized treatment for liver cancerPerisylvian polymicrogyria gene found ‘One of the main challenges of epigenetics has been to get a deal with on how the positioning of a gene in chromatin impacts its expression,’ said senior writer Trey Ideker, PhD, chief of the Division of Genetics in the institution of Medicine and professor of bioengineering in UC San Diego's Jacobs School of Engineering. Continue reading

Culled from a U.

‘It is vital to assess the risk of workplace exposure and disease, and the total outcomes lend further support to providing safe place of work practices to limit exposure to potential carcinogens.’ ‘Our findings are intriguing,’ mentioned Dr. Landgren. If replicated in a larger sample from our research and other large research, further work should concentrate on attaining a better knowledge of the molecular basis of MGUS and multiple myeloma. Ultimately, this will result in the identification of novel molecular targets mixed up in progression from MGUS to multiple myeloma and in the development of targeted therapies.’.. Continue reading

This comes from a recent study from experts at Telemark University College.

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Broccoli might prevent osteoarthritis.

About 50 million U.S. Adults have some form of arthritis, 27 million of whom live with osteoarthritis, according to the American University of Rheumatology. It is commonly known as a ‘wear and tear’ condition that a lot of often affects middle-age and elderly adults. Risk factors consist of age, obesity, a past history of joint injuries, and gender as ladies are more likely to develop the problem, the Mayo Clinic notes. Osteoarthritis can’t be cured, but anti-inflammatory drugs, pain relievers and physical therapy might reduce symptoms. Cortisone injections, bone realignment procedures and joint alternative surgeries to areas just like the hip or knee can also be necessary. Continue reading

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Chromosome X microduplications implicated in infancy-onset gigantism By Eleanor McDermid.

As reported in THE BRAND NEW England Journal of Medicine, Constantine Stratakis and colleagues studied 43 sufferers who had gigantism with excessive GH levels and evidence of an anterior pituitary adenoma on magnetic resonance imaging. The patients were found by them fell into two specific phenotypes, based on whether they got microduplications. Thirteen patients had definite chromosome Xq26.3 microduplications, and one was a probable carrier. These sufferers were aged a median of 1 12 months at the onset of abnormally speedy development and 71 percent were feminine. By contrast, individuals without microduplications were aged a median of 16 years at onset, with non-e presenting prior to the age of 5 years, and just 24 percent were feminine. Continue reading

State Wellness Director Sandra Shewry.

The virus which is certainly transmitted to human beings and pets through mosquito bites, was already detected in 34 of California’s 58 counties in birds, mosquitoes, chickens and horses this year.. California reports initial case of West Nile virus this year The first human being case of West Nile virus infection in California this season has been reported in a 47-year-old Tulare County man. State Department of Health Services say the person sought treatment for fever and a headache previous this month but is now recovering. Continue reading

Including vaccine.

Call for herpes virus control measures for prevention of HIV transmission Experts demand HSV control measures, including vaccine, to rank on top of international HIV study and prevention agenda as exciting trial findings are published. Treating ladies who are infected with both the HSV-2 and HIV viruses with anti-herpes treatment can reduce the amount of HIV in the blood and genital secretions, based on the outcomes of a trial released in the New England Journal of Medicine body functions . A collaborative group of researchers from the Centre Muraz , the University of Montpellier and the London College of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine carried out the trial among women co-infected with the human being immuno-insufficiency virus and the virus that triggers genital herpes in Burkina Faso. Continue reading

CIRM enter contract for GMP-quality hES cell lines BioTime.

In recent years, research conducted all over the world has shown promising outcomes for hES cell-based treatments for an array of diseases. But in purchase to build up effective therapies for make use of in humans which will meet the regulatory specifications of america Food and Medication Administration and various other regulators, the cell lines that are accustomed to develop those therapies must completely adhere to the strict current Great Production Practice quality criteria that connect with all drugs and products. The creation of such cell lines is usually a considerable undertaking. BioTime‘s Singapore-structured subsidiary Sera Cell International Pte Ltd. Continue reading

But when the genetic experiment goes awry.

An enzyme that mutates antibodies also targets a cancer-causing oncogene The human immune system is in a perpetual state of self-experimentation. It expertly mutates and shuffles the DNA of its own cells to evolve brand-new defenses against the huge selection of microbes that make an effort to invade our bodies. But when the genetic experiment goes awry, the total result could be a deadly cancer prolong ejaculation . Now, Rockefeller University scientists have discovered that the same enzyme that enables the immune system’s protective creativity can be responsible for a specific genetic malfunction – a translocation of 1 piece of DNA to the wrong chromosome – that triggers Burkitt’s lymphoma. Continue reading

Following a major earthquake.

It’s the only program in Michigan to earn the top rating 2 yrs in a row. The ranking was released in the CMS annual Medicare & You handbook mailed to all or any Medicare beneficiaries before the Nov. 15 – Dec. 31 annual enrollment period. Medicare beneficiaries through a Consumer Evaluation of Healthcare Suppliers and Systems survey determine the ranking. ‘This rating is usually a testament to our ability to offer Michigan with usage of excellent and affordable healthcare,’ stated Kimberly K. Horn, president and ceo for Priority Wellness. ‘Medicare beneficiaries can be assured when they select a Priority Health program, that they are getting the best value obtainable.’ PriorityMedicare ChoiceSM may be the newest and most comprehensive Medicare Benefit plan offered by Priority Health. Continue reading

Ambitious vision Sexliv.

Ambitious vision, long lasting investment in science can save countless lives In this article in the American Culture of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene’s ‘ASTMH Blog page,’ Rick Steketee, technology director of PATH’s Malaria Control Program and ASTMH council member, responds to the effects of the RTS,S malaria vaccine trial, composing, ‘It’s milestones like this week’s findings that remind us all that ambitious vision and a enduring investment in technology can yield the tests, tools and remedies to save countless lives Sexliv .’ He writes that ‘this news from the road Malaria Vaccine Initiative, GlaxoSmithKline and African analysis centers tells a number of important stories. One may be the power of product-development partnerships. Continue reading

Within an opinion.

In August by U Circuit Courtroom of Appeals lifted a ban on regulations that had been imposed.S. District Judge Sam Sparks. Other issues and a formal ruling on the case are still pending before Sparks . The Wall Street Journal: Appellate Ruling Upholds Texas Abortion Legislation Supporters of the law, enacted last year, say it is designed to ensure that ladies are educated about abortions and fully, ultimately, to discourage them from going through the procedure. Continue reading