wallowa women's trip 2008

"Exploring the Wilderness, Exploring Ourselves "

Labor Day Weekend 2008

Upcoming... October, 2008: Reading of our work at Bookpeople in downtown Moscow. Check back for dates and times.

The Hike

On August 28, 2008, ten women began an amazing journey into the Eagle Cap Wilderness of the Wallowa Mountains. For four days we would hike together, freeze together, eat, sleep and be amazed together. Most of all, we would write and share that writing with each other. This trek through the wilderness unlocked stories from deep within each one of us and as we shared them, we knew ourselves and each other better.

Starting Friday morning, we hiked up the Two Pan trail for five miles, crossing the West Fork of the Lostine River and climbing 1,200 feet in elevation to camp in a glacial valley halfway to our destination. We sat around the campfire sharing stories and laughter and slept in the company of the silent mountains.

The next day we hiked the remaining four uphill miles to gaze down upon Swamp Lake, tucked in its remote valley. Hiking around the rim of the cirque at 8,600 feet we felt the elevation and the thin air but we still felt euphoric for having summited. After a lunch on top of the world, we descended the switchbacks and camped next to Swamp Lake, enjoying the time by playing in the water.

That night a cold front took up by surprise, dropping the temperature into the 20’s and giving us freezing rain and ice on our tents. Glad to get moving, we hiked out again to our glacial valley, the same place we had camped the second night. We built a roaring fire and prepared for more bad weather.

Ellen cooked a superb supper and we held our usual night-time fire circle, reading our work and chatting. The weather held off until nightfall when it began to snow! What a way to celebrate Labor Day!

As soon as the sun was well up the next morning the snow melted off, giving us lovely sunny weather for our hike out. We finally gathered at the trailhead to say our goodbyes and drive back out the miles of gravel washboards back to civilization. In town we gave in to our craving for “real” food and stopped at a Mexican place.

We had four and a half days of fantastic hiking, a great group of women, and stories as beautiful as the landscape around us. None of will forget this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Within an opinion.

In August by U Circuit Courtroom of Appeals lifted a ban on regulations that had been imposed.S. District Judge Sam Sparks. Other issues and a formal ruling on the case are still pending before Sparks . The Wall Street Journal: Appellate Ruling Upholds Texas Abortion Legislation Supporters of the law, enacted last year, say it is designed to ensure that ladies are educated about abortions and fully, ultimately, to discourage them from going through the procedure. Continue reading

The obtaining offers implications for such inflammation-based disorders as cystic fibrosis.

He emphasizes though, ‘before research community acquires an improved understanding of both positive and negative impacts of thiocyanate on human health, it would be unwise for anybody to self-administer thiocyanate because like a great many other chemical substances, thiocyanate has adverse unwanted effects at improper doses and/or under inappropriate circumstances.’ The extensive analysis was funded by NIGMS and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. This release can be found at:.. Antioxidant found in vegetables can protect cells from damage caused by injury and infection Thiocyanate reduces damage by inflammatory molecules in lung, nerve, pancreas and vessel-lining cellsScientists at the University of Pennsylvania College of Medicine found that a dietary antioxidant within such vegetables as broccoli and cauliflower protects cells from damage due to chemicals generated during the body’s inflammatory response to infection and injury. Continue reading

Within an coercive and anti-democratic fashion.

Australian government forces citizens to answer intimate questions on the subject of sex partners or face jail time The Australian federal government finds it essential to travel door-to-door and collect private information from random citizens. Within an coercive and anti-democratic fashion, the Australian authorities forces citizens to response intrusive, personally-disturbing queries or encounter harassment, fines, and prosecution avanafil 100 mg . The Australia Bureau of Statistic’s ‘Monthly Populace Surveys’ have already been used since 1960 to be able to gather information regarding the country’s workforce. Continue reading

Chronic fatigue and arthritis rheumatoid: an interview with Ailsa Bosworth.

There isn’t enough emphasis on the need to measure fatigue and pain in the national Good guidelines, something we are preparing to look at whenever we come to examine those guidelines. We also plan to create a booklet on exhaustion in 2015 as we think that this would be incredibly helpful. We know how popular our current short information sheet upon this subject is therefore we plan to take action more in depth next year which we experience would also give health professionals an additional tool to help support their patients. Where can visitors find more information? If anybody want more information, our website address is certainly nras.org.uk and our helpline amount is 0800 298 7650. About Ailsa Bosworth Ailsa Bosworth may be the Founder and Chief Executive of the National ARTHRITIS RHEUMATOID Society which she released in 2001 following a 6-month battle to obtain Anti-TNF treatment. Continue reading

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Medication delivery vehicles.

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Sweat and pollutants.

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Brain damage patterns predict outcomes in oxygen-starved infants By Helen Albert cialis viagra levitra.

Brain damage patterns predict outcomes in oxygen-starved infants By Helen Albert, Senior MedWire Reporter Patterns of human brain injury in infants with neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy predict survival and disability in later infancy, show study results. The researchers also discovered that kids treated by inducing hypothermia soon after birth will have a standard brain scan and also have significantly fewer regions of human brain infarction pursuing treatment than those going through usual treatment. Seetha Shankaran and co-workers assessed links between preliminary brain damage, as measured by magnetic resonance imaging , and outcomes at 18-22 months in 136 kids with HIE signed up for a randomized study screening the efficacy of hypothermia treatment cialis viagra levitra . Continue reading

The leading Chinese pharmaceutical firm in the liver disease therapeutic region.

, the leading Chinese pharmaceutical firm in the liver disease therapeutic region, for the advancement and commercialization of BL-8030, an orally obtainable treatment for the Hepatitis C virus . CTTQ shall pay out BioLineRx an upfront permit fee, plus future advancement, regulatory and commercialization milestones, for a complete potential deal worth of around $30 million. Furthermore, BioLineRx has the to receive high single-digit royalties on potential sales of the medication. BioLineRx will wthhold the to develop and commercialize BL-8030 in other areas of the global globe. CTTQ will stick to EMA and FDA recommendations in pre-clinical advancement and production of BL-8030. Continue reading

And should be taken with caution.

Calcium supplements associated with increased heart attack risk significantly Calcium supplements may raise the risk of having a coronary attack, and should be taken with caution, concludes research published in the online issue of the journal Heart. Furthermore, boosting overall calcium intake from dietary resources confers no significant benefit with regards to staving off cardiovascular disease and stroke, the findings indicate http://silagra-rx.com . Previous research has linked higher calcium intake with a lowered risk of high blood circulation pressure, obesity, and type 2 diabetes, which are risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Continue reading

Researchers have thrown more fuel in to the mammogram fire.

Regular and early mammograms result in false alarms often, many doctors and scientists have got argued. Some have also pointed out that less testing can reign in the expenses of health care. Jansen-van der Weide suggested that high-risk women may want to consider alternative screening methods, such as ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging . But are MRI’s the perfect solution is? This magnetic imaging technique offers higher prices of false positives frequently, and can be more expensive than mammography. Perhaps the solution is software applications. A new technique, dubbed elastography, can help determine whether a suspicious breasts lump found in an ultrasound is cancerous, researchers also reported yesterday at the radiology meeting. Continue reading

Or binge: In binge eaters however.

For the neutral stimulation scans, experts displayed non-food-related photos and inanimate items such as for example toys and clothing products in close proximity therefore research topics could smell them while lying in the scanner. In all full cases, research subjects have been fasting for 16 hours to scans prior. Results Meals stimulation with methylphenidate considerably increased dopamine amounts in the caudate and putamen parts of the mind in binge eaters however, not in the non-binge eaters. Subjects with severe bingeing disorder, as assessed by mental evaluations, had the best dopamine amounts in the caudate. Continue reading

Allows safety-net protection cost increase.

Calif. Allows safety-net protection cost increase; Georgia unlawful immigrant dialysis agreement reached The Los Angeles Times: As state leaders blast giant health insurers for raising rates, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s administration has quietly allowed hefty boosts for thousands of unwell or jobless Californians who must depend on expensive safety-net insurance – – if they want insurance at all http://zithromaxenlinea.com . To the frustration of policyholders, condition regulators have given insurance companies permission to improve maximum premiums for most of the 20,000 Californians who rely on the insurance of last resort. Continue reading

4 months and 13 months old.

The pneumococcal bug can cause meningitis, blood and pneumonia poisoning. Survivors are remaining with long term disabilities including brain harm often, deafness and cerebral palsy, but some parents are concerned that baby immune systems will become over loaded and struggling to cope with the amount of vaccines now recommended. The addition of the trio of pneumococcal jabs means kids shall now receive 25 vaccinations, in 10 shots, against 10 different diseases before the age of 2. Continue reading

With the implication that concern is given to those at highest risk.

Assessing the real risk of heart disease in teenagers with low short-term risks Risk stratification is becoming central to strategies for the prevention of coronary heart disease, with the implication that concern is given to those at highest risk finasteridi suomi apteekki . However, such stratification using the traditional risk estimation models may not be accurately achieved in people without symptoms, especially those in young age ranges whose 10-calendar year ‘short-term’ estimated risk appears low. Continue reading