wallowa women's trip 2008

"Exploring the Wilderness, Exploring Ourselves "

Labor Day Weekend 2008

Upcoming... October, 2008: Reading of our work at Bookpeople in downtown Moscow. Check back for dates and times.

The Hike

On August 28, 2008, ten women began an amazing journey into the Eagle Cap Wilderness of the Wallowa Mountains. For four days we would hike together, freeze together, eat, sleep and be amazed together. Most of all, we would write and share that writing with each other. This trek through the wilderness unlocked stories from deep within each one of us and as we shared them, we knew ourselves and each other better.

Starting Friday morning, we hiked up the Two Pan trail for five miles, crossing the West Fork of the Lostine River and climbing 1,200 feet in elevation to camp in a glacial valley halfway to our destination. We sat around the campfire sharing stories and laughter and slept in the company of the silent mountains.

The next day we hiked the remaining four uphill miles to gaze down upon Swamp Lake, tucked in its remote valley. Hiking around the rim of the cirque at 8,600 feet we felt the elevation and the thin air but we still felt euphoric for having summited. After a lunch on top of the world, we descended the switchbacks and camped next to Swamp Lake, enjoying the time by playing in the water.

That night a cold front took up by surprise, dropping the temperature into the 20’s and giving us freezing rain and ice on our tents. Glad to get moving, we hiked out again to our glacial valley, the same place we had camped the second night. We built a roaring fire and prepared for more bad weather.

Ellen cooked a superb supper and we held our usual night-time fire circle, reading our work and chatting. The weather held off until nightfall when it began to snow! What a way to celebrate Labor Day!

As soon as the sun was well up the next morning the snow melted off, giving us lovely sunny weather for our hike out. We finally gathered at the trailhead to say our goodbyes and drive back out the miles of gravel washboards back to civilization. In town we gave in to our craving for “real” food and stopped at a Mexican place.

We had four and a half days of fantastic hiking, a great group of women, and stories as beautiful as the landscape around us. None of will forget this once-in-a-lifetime event.

CAP achieving to highlight medical diagnostic procedures Brand-new science in cancer.

This year’s earning abstracts cover scientific topics ranging from better identification of respiratory infections to a type of testing that could lead to better prognostic details for patients with colon cancer. Local Chicago STUDENTS Honored For Excellence in Research Additionally, the CAP is normally honoring six of the greatest and brightest senior high school science college students in Chicago through its ‘Path to the near future in Medicine’ program. Within this scheduled program, the students were invited to show their winning tasks at CAP ’10. Continue reading


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Canadas VSV-EBOV Ebola vaccine proves safe and sound.

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AsiaFoodInspection presents inspections.

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According to results published in Cancer Analysis.

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That failing grade originated from Dr.

All rights reserved.. CDC director gives health program failing grade on prevention Memphis Commercial Charm: ‘The American health care system gets an ‘F’ when it comes to acting on a handful of prevention methods that have the potential to save the most lives. That failing grade originated from Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Avoidance and Control, in a Wednesday speech to people of the National Association of County and Town Health Officials gathered here for his or her annual conference at Make Convention Center.’ Cardiovascular disease, cancers and lung disease – – all among America’s biggest killers – – could be addressed with prevention strategies. ‘But Frieden said just 45 % of people with high blood circulation pressure have it in order, just 29 % of these with high cholesterol monitor the condition, and of the 20 % of smokers who obtain help to quit, just 2 % get medication’ . Continue reading

What exactly are the diagnoses to consider and how should he become investigated?

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A new review of recent studies has found.

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A precancerous condition that can result in esophageal cancer.

Aspirin presents help for Barrett’s esophagus Researchers in Fred Hutchinson Cancer Study Center have found that people with the most-aggressive form of Barrett’s esophagus, a precancerous condition that can result in esophageal cancer, may benefit the most from preventive therapy with aspirin, ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, or NSAIDs. The experts also recognized a cluster of four known malignancy biomarkers, or genetic abnormalities, in people with Barrett’s that significantly increases their threat of developing esophageal tumor. These findings, by business lead authors Patricia C generic ed drugs . Continue reading

Authorities in Indias only Muslim-majority state battling upsurge in female foeticide.

Related StoriesResearchers perform first focused ultrasound remedies in the U.S. For dyskinesiaClinical trial initiated to find out feasibility, safety of concentrated ultrasound to take care of depressionCombination of ultrasound and mammography detects extra cancers in Japanese females.. Authorities in India’s only Muslim-majority state battling upsurge in female foeticide, AFP reports Agence France-Presse examines how officials in the Indian condition of Jammu and Kashmir are battling a shocking rise in feminine foeticide by seizing unlicensed ultrasound devices and enlisting the help of spiritual leaders in the country’s only Muslim-majority condition. Continue reading

Its time to get your disease fighting capability functioning to the very best of its ability.

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Marines moved on something a bit more complicated: Detect cancer of the colon.

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The study shows that it could also succeed in humans.

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American Medical Association Promoted Tobacco.

The TIRC promised to convene a group of distinguished men from medicine, technology, and education and it do so. Early people of the TIRC’s Scientific Advisory Table included: McKeen Cattell, PhD, MD, professor of pharmacology from Cornell University Medical University; Julius H. Comroe, Jr., MD, director of the University of California Medical Center’s cardiovascular analysis institute and chairman of University of Pennsylvania Graduate College of Medication; and Edwin B. Continue reading