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"Exploring the Wilderness, Exploring Ourselves "

Labor Day Weekend 2008

Upcoming... October, 2008: Reading of our work at Bookpeople in downtown Moscow. Check back for dates and times.


As the real number of multigenerational families grows.

As the real number of multigenerational families grows, more people face challenges of caring for aging relatives NPR: Caring For Aging Relative: ‘To Offer Her A Good Life’ During the last 8 weeks, NPR’s Morning Edition offers been following three families who make up the growing amount of multigenerational households in this nation priligy 30 mg . All became multigenerational unexpectedly, when elderly relatives could no more live independently and the family members took them in . This article was reprinted from kaiserhealthnews.org with permission from the Henry J. Continue reading

Celebrate GMO Awareness Week by helping California labeling initiative.

Monsanto and the additional biotechnology giants have blocked all attempted efforts at GMO labeling so far. Many Americans simply do not know that they even exist. This is, of course, how Monsanto and additional purveyors of GMOs possess gotten aside with converting the vast majority of US staple crops like corn, soy, and canola to GM varieties over the full years, and sneaking them into a wide array of conventional, processed food items. Many people who are alert to GMOs are under the false impression that if frankencrops are being used in the food supply, they must be safe then. Such an fundamental idea is propagated by the mainstream media and by many in the mainstream scientific circles, but it has no basis in reality, of course. Continue reading

Ancon Systems unveils new cancer-screening device Ancon Technologies.

‘We believe that breath analysis is the holy grail of medical diagnosis since it is inexpensive, easy to use, and allows early stage identification which significantly increases standard of living and a patient's chances of survival,’ said Wesley Baker, the advertising and commercial director of Ancon Technologies. The firm's research says that cancer can affect one in three people; consequently, the impact of this technology could be massive. People interested in how to raise money for cancer detection can support Ancon Technologies through its Indiegogo web page. Ancon Technologies' current objective is to provide the NBT detector to regional doctor's offices, hospitals, and treatment centers. ‘Our NBT technology is far more advanced than all current technology for trace compound quantification in the surroundings,’ noted articles on Ancon Technologies' Indiegogo page. Continue reading

Attitudes of teens and specialists to sex.

Attitudes of teens and specialists to sex, associations, sexual health insurance and teenage pregnancy The findings of a two year cross-channel teenage pregnancy project were presented at a conference in Amiens on 8 October. Up to now, the info gathered from the task has been utilized by teenagers and professionals to build up new ways of considering education and health solutions, with the purpose of tackling teenage being pregnant. http://cafergot.net/ Continue reading

There might be hope however!

Religious well being is in fact another benefit of warm soy wax w8 massage therapy notting hill gate london. As the liver calms beneath warm soy wax w8, your brain is settled in the inside level actually, and a sense regarding well-being shall can be found in excess of people. Using positive power moving by method of your whole system you may appreciate tranquility, peace and equilibrium. Won’t, the particular each day pressure it’s still truth be told there, but warm soy wax w8 massage therapy will support you to experience everything having a re-energized smile together with your experience.. Beauty clinic treatment offers therapeutic massage notting hill Treatment sevices Hardly any wonder pressure is a substantial source of demise in the european civil globe. Continue reading

Regarded a miracle medication by some.

Amazing amla: The only natural product you’ll ever need Amla has been utilized by people for some time now. This plant, regarded a miracle medication by some, contains a complete lot of health-giving things that should charm to anyone and everyone. In reality, there are a good number of people who look to get their daily fix of this natural herb, but what’s the buzz behind Amla? Here is a list of a few of its best health advantages. Eight health advantages of taking Amla1. Rich in Vitamin C – Vitamin C is among the most popular elements in health supplements just about everywhere, and Amla contains a boatload of this vitamin. Continue reading

But according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

But these same illnesses can also be effectively prevented as well, a fact that people have written about on many occasions ( Six-to-eight % of the city’s employees drive nearly two-thirds of the health treatment costs around five chronic illnesses that are manageable, stated Emanuel in protection of the plan. We will be the first town to implement a citywide wellness arrange for our workers because health care costs are being powered [up] by 10 percent a 12 months and we’re not seeing revenue growing that way. Continue reading

The record also had information about prescription drugs.

The record also had information about prescription drugs, so the researchers to compare their use in people with skin cancer, of the 178,655 people without skin cancer diagnosis.

Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer and parts of the body parts of the body very quickly. Very early. Can be cured if caught his very early. Melanoma is the most leading cause of death from skin disease. Continue reading

Question of human identity and consciousness in public eventThe New York Academy of Sciences stay longer in bed pills.

– question of human identity and consciousness in public eventThe New York Academy of Sciences, in partnership with the Nour Foundation, provides a public event, To Be or Not to Be: The Self as Illusion, on Tuesday December at 6:00 clock.Renowned philosopher Thomas Metzinger and Evan Thompson join cardiologist and expert on near-death experiences, Pim van Lommel, the latest developments in neuroscience and philosophy, the light on whether our conscious experience of a unified Self is reality or illusion shed. Examine Krista Tippett, creator and host of Public Radio beings will serve as moderator for the evening stay longer in bed pills .

One of the first projects by the Committee and heads of BGU research Fahkeri are chosen for Project Jacob:Retinal Angiography System – Retinal blood flow shows many health problems such as diabetes, macular degeneration and vascular occlusion. BGU researchers have developed an image analysis tool for a number of high-resolution angiographic images for the quantification for the quantification blood flow and vessels permeability of, allows diagnoses developed. Balance Training System – The robotic engineering project simulates a treadmill-like device real mobility during gait to improve motion stability for the elderly and disabled. Venus Catheter – This equipment has been patented but needs refinements to treat thrombosis, or blood clots, which affects 15 million people per year who suffer from stroke. Source: Andrew Lavin American Associates. Continue reading

Medical education and clinical investigation.

This comprises the funding of major research centers at Einstein in diabetes, liver disease, and AIDS. Other areas where the College of Medicine is concentrating its efforts are developmental disorders of the brain, neuroscience, cardiac disease, and initiatives to reduce and eliminate ethnic and racial health disparities. Through its extensive affiliate network with five hospital centers in the Bronx, Manhattan and Long Iceland, the Montefiore Medical Center includes Einstein officially designated University Hospital the College runs one of the largest post-graduate medical training programs in the United States, offering approximately 150 residency programs to more than 2,500 physicians in training.

To cell. Technique to messages from individual genes Manufactured CountIn a study in the advance online edition of Nature Structural and Molecular Biology describe researchers from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is a technique closer looking at a fundamental step of a cell ‘s life a gene, read a message, mRNA. The technique could offer a window into the process will trigger the genes on improper to cause disease. Continue reading