wallowa women's trip 2008

"Exploring the Wilderness, Exploring Ourselves "

Labor Day Weekend 2008

Upcoming... October, 2008: Reading of our work at Bookpeople in downtown Moscow. Check back for dates and times.

Cerenis commences CER-001 Phase 2 CHI-SQUARE study in patients with ACS Cerenis Therapeutics.

Cerenis commences CER-001 Phase 2 CHI-SQUARE study in patients with ACS Cerenis Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical organization developing novel high-density lipoprotein therapies to take care of cardiovascular and metabolic illnesses, today announced the start of the Phase 2 CHI-SQUARE research of CER-001 in patients with acute coronary syndrome http://avodart-dutasteride.net/avodart-and-hair-loss.html . CER-001 can be an innovative complex of recombinant human being ApoA-I, the major structural proteins of HDL, and phospholipids. It has been made to mimic the framework and function of natural, nascent HDL, known as pre-beta HDL also, which is believed to be defensive against atherosclerosis.

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