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"Exploring the Wilderness, Exploring Ourselves "

Labor Day Weekend 2008

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Cleveland Clinic chooses CareMedics Audit Management answer for RAC CareMedic Systems.

We had the fundamental components available through MedicareRT already, our workflow and monitoring systems and our integrated performance management dashboard capability. Combining those proven technology allows us to provide a powerful alternative that helps institutions of each size minimize the labor necessary to manage, track and analyze appeal and audit activity. Audit Management not only assists in tracking record requests, deadlines and appeals, but identifies potential risk and contains RAC-specific edits to prevent future problems.. Cleveland Clinic chooses CareMedic’s Audit Management answer for RAC CareMedic Systems, Inc., the industry innovator and largest provider of real-time Medicare deal processing, today announced that Cleveland Clinic is usually among many prominent healthcare organizations to choose its Audit Management solution for RAC.The Bush administration could be trying once again to shrink government by making certain a federal agency doesn’t do its job. Corporate passions are repeatedly being guarded at the expense of our country’s residents. This administration has frequently cut funds so that statistics that may embarrass them politically aren’t found. The CDC has stated that the record was held back because of internal and external reviewers identifying ‘numerous discrepancies and deficiencies.’ They determined a careful review was necessary. Apparently, the CDC plans to release the report after the review is completed.